Chicken-breast or pork-sirloin dishes
200g Chicken breast stuffed with Niva cheese and apple, served with creamy cheese sauce 220Kč
200g Roasted herb butter Imperial cut chicken pocket stuffed with dried ham, green asparagus and mozzarella with sun dried tomatoes 220Kč
200g Grilled chicken breast marinated with herbs and butter 220Kč
180g Creamy chicken pieces with mushrooms and leek 195Kč

200g Grilled pork tenderloin stuffed with bacon and cheese 235Kč
200g Grilled pork tenderloin stuffed with prunes, served with orange-plum sauce 235Kč
200g Baked pork tenderloin medallions with mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes, decorated with basil pesto 235Kč
200g Gyros pork tenderloin marinated in mixed spices, roasted with onion and pickled sweet chilli peppers, served with tzatziki salad 219Kč